Today, HBO sent letters to the staff and crew informing them not to show up for work on March 24th and have declared the shooting for “The Sopranos” postponed indefinitely. This makes the show dead, at least for now.

It seems that James Gandolfini, aka Jim, has turned out to be just another spoiled celebrity. He filed a lawsuit against HBO for not informing him of the start of the season in a timely manner (two years ago) and reportedly refused an increase in salary from $400,000 to $800,000 per episode (he wants $1 million). They have since, sued him back for $100 million and postponed the show–it’s been one hell of a pissing contest.

Let’s break it down. A salary of $1 million per episode would put Gandolfini on par with the individual cast members of NBC’s most successful sitcom, “Friends.” Here’s the tale of the tape according to the Washington Post article: “Friends” is averaging 23 million viewers this season. “The Sopranos” averaged about 11 million last season. “Friends” has made a fortune for Warner Bros. TV in rerun syndication. As of this writing, HBO has not been able to sell “The Sopranos” in syndication.

Do you think he deserves $1 million? I don’t, he should be glad they are offering $800,000. Irregardless, thanks to the legal grandstanding and unnecessary drama we may be without “The Sopranos” for some time.

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