The U.S. attacked Iraq at around 6:30PM PST, 5:30AM in Iraq, in an attempt to decapitate Iraq by killing Saddam and his top aides. At around 7:30AM local time, Iraqi TV began to air an announcement that is losely translated as follows:

“The president, leader, fighter, Saddam Hussein–may god protect him in his victory–will give an important address shortly.”

However, the announcement has continued to air over and over again intermingled with commercials, according to CNN. It sounds to me that Iraq officials are attempting to locate Saddam–I don’t think they know where to find him. He may already be adios amigos.

I guess those that voted in the poll earlier today were right, the war started between 5:00PM and 9:00PM PST. Daily Nugget readers, all six of them, are very wise indeed!

Saddam addressed Iraq at 9:40AM local time and called referred to Bush as “the junior bush.” It’s good to see that barely getting out of a building alive hasn’t hurt Saddam’s sense of humor.

Saddam did the announcement as if to say, “Hey, motherfuckers, you missed.” I think that taking him out is going to be a lot harder than the U.S. ever imagined–I hope I am wrong.

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