Farscape Crew

I just watched the Farscape series finale and will sadly miss the show and its characters. I know that coming from a science fiction fan this will sound like an overstatement, but this was one of the best shows on television–straight up!

Amazingly detailed series concepts–down to the translator microbes that every character has in order to understand each other. Very imaginative wit and sense of humor–including its own swear words. The word “frell” was used as a substitute for a four-letter word. Brilliant! What the frell was the SciFi Channel thinking in cancelling this show?

The show’s writers included substantial character development in every episode. Anyone could almost immediately see that the characters truly cared for one another like a family–albeit a very dysfunctional family. Initially they quarrelled, but eventually the principal characters accepted and celebrated each other’s strengths and weaknesses–I will miss them all.

The show had very imaginative plot twists. One of the crew’s biggest enemies, Scorpius, ends up on the ship and eventually becomes a valued member of the crew. This was genius! The type of thing that would just never happen in a formula show like Star Trek. Exciting and unexpected events were a part of the show week-to-week and this was the key to its allure.

Big ups to the Jim Henson Company and all of the people involved in the production of the show in the last four years. I hope that they somehow are able to complete the fifth, and planned final season, and at least release it on DVD. It would be a shame to leave the rich story of Farscape unresolved. I am Farscape!

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