3 Stars

Well, I broke down and watched Daredevil today even though I vowed never to watch it because Ben Affleck is in it. And as we all know Ben Affleck is a no talent hack who will always be Matt Damon’s bitch, but that’s another story. Actually I take it back. He’s no longer Matt’s bitch, he’s JLo’s bitch–she probably gives it to him with a strap-on. Oh, I can’t stop talking shit about Ben, please help me.

Ok, here’s the review: the movie wasn’t great, but it was entertaining. Mostly because of the supporting cast. Jennifer Garner, of Alias fame, kicks ass as Elektra and provides real acting to an otherwise flat plot. Colin Farrell does a good job playing the psycho–Bullseye. Joe Pantoliano, of Sopranos fame, plays a reporter trying to uncover the Daredevil story, he’s good too. Not surprisingly, the lamest actor was Affleck. However, the movie has great special effects and is entertaining. It is worth watching on a big ass screen with a good audio system for matinee prices.

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