President Bush is obsessed with Saddam Hussein while the rest of America is enthralled with Reality TV, including me. The evening news and local newspapers are runnning stories about The Bachelorette and Joe Millionaire. Water cooler conversations at most places are centered more around Trista and Joe than the pending war with Iraq. Just today we figured out that among the staff at my office we have almost every reality show covered–except for the Star Search remake–that just sucks.

You want reality TV!? Dan Rather’s interview with Saddam Hussein was very real, albeit subdued. Hussein did not appear to be a raving lunatic and never tripped on Rather. In fact, he was very articulate and calm. He mentioned he wanted a peaceful resolution to this whole crisis! Bush, are you listening!? I think the President is watching Reality TV too.

So as a nation we wait for the start of the war with Iraq with as much anticipation as The Amazing Race 4 premier. We have no control as to when either one will start, so until then, we’ll just hope Star Search is cancelled.b

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