Mike Tyson Tattoo

Mike Tyson is back in the news again. First, it appeared that he didn’t want to fight and feigned sickness, missing a plane to the Mississippi training site three days in a row. It wasn’t until Showtime announced they would cancel the Etienne fight scheduled for Saturday the 22nd that he decided to show up for training. So he shows up with a tattoo on his face!? He got it ten days before the fight! What the hell was he thinking!? Apparently, Tyson didn’t think that his erratic behavior, violent outbursts, and prison record made him look “scary enough.” Perhaps a bullseye drawn on his face would have been more appropriate. Then Etiennne got cold feet yesterday–it’s crazy. As of this writing, the fight is back on, but who knows what will happen between now and Saturday. One thing is certain, a lot of people want to see this crazy bitch get dropped.

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