Willie Brown

According to witnesses, San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown was so pissed at Supervisor Peskin that he got into a yelling match with him the other day. He was heard saying, “You are full of shit! You don’t know me, motherfucker, you don’t know what a killer I am!” Then he walked the fuck off to his awaiting limo. Deeeeyam!

I’ve talked to the Mayor in person. He’s like 5’8″ and a buck fifty, tops–not a killer by any stretch of the imagination. He looks like a black skinny version of the Monopoly Guy–hell he even wears top hats. He loves hats. He’s no O.J. He’s also pretty mild mannered and politically astute. Peskin must have REALLY pissed him off to create an outburst. Shit, he probably deserved it. Ultimately though, I don’t think he needs to be worried about being found floating in the Bay.

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