I waited to upgrade to Windows XP Professional until a few days ago. Yes, I know it was released over a year ago. I wasn’t sure that it was that much better than Win2K so I waited as long as possible.

After a few days I can say that it is better than Win2K Pro by a huge order of magnitude. It is much more stable and no hung processes thus far. In Win2K Pro I had to kill Outlook regularly with the Task Manager just to clear it from memory. Also, aesthetically, the screen fonts are rendered much nicer.

I know most of you have been running it for a year or so now–I don’t wanna hear the “I told you so’s.” I am glad I changed over, but ask me again next week.

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  1. ! $%^& %#$ $@!!!!!!!

    #1 by Jimnice — January 8, 2003 @ 10:06 am

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