“Although I like this saying from the Highlander mythos, I have to admit that Highlander 2 was one of the worst movies of all time–sorry for dragging you to see it Sant.”

George Lucas announced that he is consolidating his five companies into one company called Lucasfilm Ltd. yesterday. Some concede that he may be getting ready to stage a sale after the release of the final Star Wars film and an Indiana Jones sequel to be released in three years.

Amazingly, all five companies have a combined revenue of $1.5B with only 2000 employees. That’s a $750k per capita annual revenue rate. Kickass. Maybe I should try and get a job there when they move to the Presidio in 2005.


  1. I know–it’s crazy.

    #1 by Nugget — January 29, 2003 @ 4:14 am

  2. Jesus f’ing Christ! $750K per employee is the highest revenue I have _ever_ heard. That is _insane_ profitability: even if his fully burdened costs are $250K for _every_ employee (no friggin’ way), he’s got a BILLION dollars PER YEAR for capital equipment and general overhead.

    #2 by Larry — January 29, 2003 @ 11:44 am

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