A company announced that it has created a credit card sized solid state hard drive and will make the technology available to the public this year. The card reader will cost $100 or less and will attach to a PC using USB. The 5GB cards will sell for about $15–that’s $3 per GB! If the performance is right, this could change everything.


  1. Sheesh, that’s essentially a 5GB floppy (mylar disk inside a shell)! The most amazing thing is that it’s flexible: how in the world can you get the tolerances right?

    #1 by Larry — January 17, 2003 @ 10:46 am

  2. Are the smart cards mylar on the inside! Shit, that makes the whole thing even more impressive. DirecTV doesn’t say, “Hey, flex the access card all you want,” so I can’t believe they are that flexible.

    Either way, very impressive–I can’t wait to see this.

    Sadly, I remember paying $160 for a 80MB drive in 1993. I remember thinking it was really cheap at $2 per MB–that was ten years ago. This is crazy.

    #2 by Nugget — January 17, 2003 @ 10:54 am

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