An old, prestigious, and established San Francisco law firm shocked it’s employees by announcing it is closing down–a victim of the rise and fall of the new economy. I guess they bet too much on the dot-com boom lasting forever–too bad. Another 1,100 unemployed mofos. Hey, maybe they could get jobs at MoFo.

Tracy McGrady announced yesterday that he would step aside to allow Michael Jordan the opportunity to start at the NBA All-Star game. McGrady was voted to start by the fans, but would step aside to honor Jordan in what is likely to be his last All-Star game. That’s a classy move by T-Mac.

“Although I like this saying from the Highlander mythos, I have to admit that Highlander 2 was one of the worst movies of all time–sorry for dragging you to see it Sant.”

George Lucas announced that he is consolidating his five companies into one company called Lucasfilm Ltd. yesterday. Some concede that he may be getting ready to stage a sale after the release of the final Star Wars film and an Indiana Jones sequel to be released in three years.

Amazingly, all five companies have a combined revenue of $1.5B with only 2000 employees. That’s a $750k per capita annual revenue rate. Kickass. Maybe I should try and get a job there when they move to the Presidio in 2005.

A kid in Missouri was thrown from his Jeep after colliding with another car earlier today. The Jeep spun and then rolled, throwing him 25 feet up in the air where he hung on to utility cables until help arrived 20 minutes later. He wasn’t wearing a seat belt. Damn, how lucky was this bitch? If I were him, I’d buy a lottery ticket or something.

Raider fans are upset today over yesterday’s loss. The main topic in Bay Area morning radio was the “conspiracy” in sports and how everything is fixed. C’mon there was no fix–don’t be sore losers. The reputation of the average Raider fan is low enough without adding this type of ignorance. The bottom line is that the Raiders lost to a team that outplayed them and had much more heart than they did. The Tampa Bay Bucs truly deserve to be called Super Bowl Champs.

The day for the Super Bowl has finally arrived. I am not a big football fan so I think I could be pretty objective about the whole thing. And frankly, I can’t remember another Super Bowl that has been hyped this much. Perhaps it’s because the Raiders are in it and I live in San Francisco. Anyway, it’s supposed to be a battle between the best offense and defense in the NFL so it should be a good game.

No, I’m not talking Trent Lott’s definition of the term. I’m talking about the days of the dot-com boom, when everyone was a genius in the stock market and rich with options. If you remember these days, The Onion has a great article about the “New Economy” you should read.

Despite the economy being in the toilet and the Dow closing at it’s lowest point since October of last year, housing prices continue to increase. The Bay Area’s average home price is $416k according to the latest report in the Chronicle. Geez, will we ever be able to buy a house?

Well, Florida isn’t really hell, but it is hot as hell there in the summer months. Florida is in the midst of a severe cold spell. Wind chill temperatures in the 20’s have been recorded in Miami–that’s just crazy. I am sure there are Cubans in Little Havana that are considering moving back to Cuba as we speak! Normally, even this time of year is pleasant with temperatures usually in the high 60’s and low 70’s. Damn, maybe we’re slowly heading into a new ice age.

One of the fastest growing Internet scams on the web, besides the silly Nigerian 419 scam, is the fake escrow scam. This is where fake escrow sites are used for big ticket items to steal money or the big ticket item being bought or sold via auction.

On MSNBC today, a dentist is out $55,000 for the car he never got–and never will. He should had read MSNBC’s expose on the scam on December 17th. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

The class action lawsuit filed against McDonald’s in New York was dismissed as frivolous. The judge stated, “If a person knows or should know that eating copious orders of supersized McDonald’s products is unhealthy and may result in weight gain…it is not the place of the law to protect them from their own excesses.” Damn, it’s a burger, not crack. Maintain control people!

Hispanics are officially the largest minority in the United States according to the Census Bureau. Whites still make up 70% of the population nationwide, although I doubt the numbers are that high for California. Clouding the numbers is the fact that the Census Bureau considers “Hispanic” an ethnicity and not a race. People of Hispanic ethnicity can be of any race, or even multi-racial.

Yes, you’ve heard the rumors and they are all true–today is my birthday. Thank you for all your emails and phone calls.

I am raising money for a legal defense fund–please help.

A company announced that it has created a credit card sized solid state hard drive and will make the technology available to the public this year. The card reader will cost $100 or less and will attach to a PC using USB. The 5GB cards will sell for about $15–that’s $3 per GB! If the performance is right, this could change everything.

Ivy League: Time to Regulate
In this brilliant smackdown Jimnice from Polynomia breaks down the truth regarding the term “Ivy League.” Contrary to popular belief, it has nothing to do with the school’s academics.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Bobby Brown. Apparently he should be singing, “Every little step I take, the cops will be there…” Take a look at the picture of him in the article. He’s got this freaky look on his face and his eyes are all glassy–he “looks” like a crackhead. Even more humorous are the looks on the faces of Ashanti and Ja Rule–they don’t appear to be enjoying the time with Bobby.

There are a few companies out there making appliances that run off telephone company power for use during blackouts. Among the products this company makes are telco powered glow-in-the-dark vibrators (they are near the bottom of the page). Because we all know that being without power can be a stressful experience.

An Oregon city passed an ordinance stating that if you stink you can’t board public buses. We need something like that passed in San Francisco, where MUNI is used by all sorts of smelly vagrants.

Scientists have successfully stored information into artificial DNA strands and injected them into bacteria that maintained the data by reproducing. Bacteria can withstand exposure to radiation and are immune to electromagnetic pulses that can wipe out electronic storage. The proof of concept was storing the words to “It’s a Small World After All”–very appropriate. More complicated than stone tablets, but this could be the future of permanent storage.

Legendary rock guitarist, Pete Townshend, was arrested (and eventually released) on suspicion of possessing indecent images of children. I won’t get fooled again into trusting another rock star. Geez, who’s next?

In Africa, opponents of a Malawi politician spread rumors that he was a vampire. In response to the rumors, an angry mob hunted him down and almost stoned him to death. You just can’t make this stuff up.

We celebrated the birthday of our friend Steve Thompson yesterday in grand style. Eric Thrasher took Steve, Mama, and I to a restaurant named Indigo. The food was excellent and the atmosphere was lively. After dinner, we then all shared a bottle of tawny port into the wee hours of the morning. Perfecto.

1. Where are you right now?
Sitting in my living room.

2. What time is it?

3. What are you wearing?
Gray t-shirt and underwear.

4. Any people or animals around you? Describe them.
Mama is sleeping in the bedroom, and my cat is sleeping there too. I am alone in this room.

5. What are your plans for the weekend?
I’ll try and forget about these lame ass questions–this has to be the worst Friday Five ever. I have school tomorrow and tomorrow night we are going out for Steve Thompson’s birthday.

Some golfers go their whole lives without hitting a hole-in-one. This old guy hit two in a row–on consecutive holes. Incredible.

Interesting article on how companies trying to shut down parody sites made their situations much worse.

Ok, so Metallica and the record industry managed to close down Napster. Then Kazaa and the other copycats stepped in to fill the void (see earlier blog entry).

Now, there are high-quality music stream rippers that can automatically record and name songs in MP3 format (see story). You can easily fire up the software, tune into an Internet radio station of your favorite genre, and walk away. In hours you’ll have new gigabytes of songs and you don’t even have to search for them.

All you need to get started on this, apart from the obvious hard drive space, is a copy of Winamp and the Streamripper plug-in–that’s it. Check out the story and the program if you have the time.

Kobe Bryant made it rain tonight–rain three-pointers that is. In a victory over the Seattle Supersonics, Kobe made nine straight from three-point range. He went on to break the NBA single game record with twelve from downtown and finished the night with 45 points.

The Lakers could be back on track, since they didn’t suck tonight. If they win three in a row, I may actually be able to wear my jersey again in public. However, if they miss the playoffs, I will hold a ceremony in the back yard and burn it. That’s a promise.

I waited to upgrade to Windows XP Professional until a few days ago. Yes, I know it was released over a year ago. I wasn’t sure that it was that much better than Win2K so I waited as long as possible.

After a few days I can say that it is better than Win2K Pro by a huge order of magnitude. It is much more stable and no hung processes thus far. In Win2K Pro I had to kill Outlook regularly with the Task Manager just to clear it from memory. Also, aesthetically, the screen fonts are rendered much nicer.

I know most of you have been running it for a year or so now–I don’t wanna hear the “I told you so’s.” I am glad I changed over, but ask me again next week.

Well, let’s just say that something did happen, but I can’t really talk about it. Drop me an email, give me call at home or on my cell and I’ll be happy to fill you in. I hope everyone is having a terrific New Year!

It’s anybody’s guess what will happen this year. However, MSNBC polls readers annually on the country’s financial outlook and compares the results from the previous year. If you have some time, take the poll.

I’ve been so damn busy with school I haven’t had time to squeeze out a daily nugget (I still have the sense of humor of a twelve-year-old). This lack of production is just unacceptable. If I keep this up I may have to start calling this thing the “weekly” nugget or the “monthly” nugget.

Never! I didn’t choose blogging, blogging chose me. I am gonna try and represent daily even if only five people actually read this. Bustin’ nugs on the dizzle for shizzle–word.

“Today is my eleventy-first birthday…a very curious number and a very respectable age for a Hobbit.”
–Bilbo Baggins, Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

Today would be J.R.R. Tolkien’s 111th birthday. This is the same birthday that Bilbo Baggins celebrates at the beginning of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Parties are planned all over the world to toast Professor Tolkien’s birthday. These toasts will be recorded into a documentary to honor the event sponsored by the Tolkien Society. As a side note, numerologists should note that this “curious” birthday comes on a very interesting date–01/02/03.

I tried as hard as I could and just couldn’t squeeze out a nugget–pardon the pun. A news nugget that is. Not much going on in my personal life except for school–a lot of essays.

In the news today, the President threatened Saddam, again. The Dow shot up, but it historically does that on the second of the year. That’s not much news. I don’t expect Amazon to be trading north of $300 because of it. Just another day–hope everyone had a good one.

Damn, it’s hard to believe that it’s 2003. I can still remember Return of the Jedi being released in 1983. The Eurythmics had “Sweet Dreams” on the radio and Cyndi Lauper, Culture Club, and Madonna were all the rage–it sure doesn’t seem like that was 20 years ago.

Happy New Year to all–good luck in all of your endeavors this year!!!