The Official Ninja Webpage will make you pee in your pants from laughter–guaranteed. The best part of the site is the hate mail that “real” ninjas (a.k.a. people that own a bunch of throwing stars) send on a regular basis–classic. Big ups to Jimnice from Polynomia for finding this site.


  1. Geez, that guys going to piss off the real ninjas, who are going to come and chop his head off and the heads of all those he loves AND the heads of all those who THOSE people love! In other words, even if you don’t love this guy, but you love someone who loves him, that’s it for you. That’s the kind of crazy shit ninjas do to instill terror!

    #1 by Larry — December 2, 2002 @ 1:38 am

  2. Just one more web site full of useless shit…

    #2 by Meerenai — December 3, 2002 @ 3:08 am

  3. But, you gotta admit the shit is funny.

    #3 by Nugget — December 3, 2002 @ 3:13 am

  4. that website sux! i am outraged that these guys are still breathing. that was worse than getting my fingernails pulled while watching napleon dynamite and getting head from a pirahna!

    #4 by bryan — February 18, 2007 @ 4:33 pm

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