Damn, don’t you hate it when really important scientific advancements are devalued by crazy cult members? Apparently, the scientist that announced the first human clone a few days ago is somehow affiliated with the Raelian Revolution, a cult that believes that extra-terrestials were the genesis of humanity. The Raelians believe that cloning is important to achieve immortality and that the next step of their research is to engineer a way to transfer brains from humans to adult clones–thereby achieving eternal life.

This cult affiliation completely diverts the attention away from the importance of the scientific achievement. Human cloning could advance stem cell research and the development of human organs for transplants and the like. The fact that quacks were behind it should be irrelevant. It’s too bad that these are the circumstances.

One thing is certain–a successful human clone will raise a lot of ethical issues on the use of the technology to benefit humanity. Check out all of the relates stories on CNN for more info. Interesting.

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