The Republicans won back control of congress last night. Now, although I am a little excited about the lower taxes that the Republican “party” will bring, here is the hangover we may expect after it’s all over:

1) Foreign Policy Problems – The Republican way of separating America from the world with separatist foreign policy will ensure that the world will hate us. They will promote a war on terror by promoting fear of “the evil doers.” Vague bullshit that will only serve to make people scared and maybe join the NRA. Shitty foreign policy–shitty world perception.

2) More Poor and Homelessness – More homlessness is inevitable as services decrease for the poor in a Republican congress. Have you walked down the street in San Francisco lately? We don’t need the homeless problem to get any worse.

3) Fear and Loathing – Did I mention the fear? As America ostracizes itself from the rest of the world (see #1) fear will pervail domestically. The “From my cold, dead hands!” rhetoric from Charleton Heston and the NRA gang will have the masses shaking in their boots and afraid of each other. We are already promoting fear of the world, I mean, “the evil doers.”

I take comfort in knowing that everything in life, including public perception, is cyclical and things will move from “right” to “center” in time. Also, I live in a liberal city within a largely Democratic state. The bottom line is that if we educate ourselves and keep open minds we shouldn’t have to live in fear of anyone–even Republicans. Because even they will do the best they can while in the driver’s seat.

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