I just saw a Biography Channel investigative report on scientology and was shocked to find out that scientology is a UFO cult: a trademarked religion, invented by a washed up science fiction writer. It is described as an elaborate international scam to part fools from their money.

Check out this crazy summary of “Operating Thetan Level 3 (OT III),” the third level of the scientology’s “bridge to freedom.” L. Ron Hubbard wasn’t very original when he wrote this, seemingly borrowing the concept of a “Galactic Federation” while watching Star Trek back in 1968. By the looks of it he was also smoking a big fat doobie. Check out this scholarly breakdown of the text.

Scarier than the science fiction tie-in is that Hubbard has documented connections to Aleister Crowley, a satanic leader who claimed to be the anti-christ in the mid-1940s. I think the celebrities that believe in this shit are a little nuts. Get more information about the scientology from Xenu.net and draw your own conclusions.

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