Kenneth Adelman and his wife are putting the California coastline on the Web in digital pictures. The California Coastal Records Project is intended to take a photograph of the California coast every 500 feet for the entire 1,100 miles–from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Los Angeles airport–everything. At the site people can lookup images by coordinates or image captions (i.e. landmarks). The couple are using a Nikon D1X digital camera connected to an Apple PowerBook laptop and the GPS receiver installed in a Robinson R-44 helicopter to record the scene and the exact location of the camera when the photograph was taken. The system takes a picture about every three seconds. Kenneth takes the pictures while his wife flies the helicopter. Check it out, I was able to find Wayfarer’s Chapel and the Queen Mary on the site. Kick ass project.

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  1. Interesting information on this blog, thanks

    #1 by Jennifer — August 17, 2004 @ 3:10 am

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