I am trying to write four essays that I have to do for school–busy. Nothing else to really post.

I just saw a Biography Channel investigative report on scientology and was shocked to find out that scientology is a UFO cult: a trademarked religion, invented by a washed up science fiction writer. It is described as an elaborate international scam to part fools from their money.

Check out this crazy summary of “Operating Thetan Level 3 (OT III),” the third level of the scientology’s “bridge to freedom.” L. Ron Hubbard wasn’t very original when he wrote this, seemingly borrowing the concept of a “Galactic Federation” while watching Star Trek back in 1968. By the looks of it he was also smoking a big fat doobie. Check out this scholarly breakdown of the text.

Scarier than the science fiction tie-in is that Hubbard has documented connections to Aleister Crowley, a satanic leader who claimed to be the anti-christ in the mid-1940s. I think the celebrities that believe in this shit are a little nuts. Get more information about the scientology from Xenu.net and draw your own conclusions.

I am taking a break from The Daily Nugget for a couple of days to eat, drink, and be merry. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

Mark Fiore is a San Francisco-based cartoonist. He came up with this great cartoon for SF Gate about America’s Homeland Security called Total Information Awareness. Pretty funny–check it out.

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It seems that everyone I know is using Instant Messaging (IM). Unfortunately, not everyone is using the same client, which makes communicating difficult. There are special clients like Trillian out there that allow you to login to Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, and MSN all at once. However, the Trillian client is not as robust as the individual IM clients. Which IM client do you use?

5 Stars

This film captures the magic of Motown and gives a behind-the-music-like account on how some of the greatest Motown hits were made from the horse’s mouth–the musicians that created the hits, The Funk Brothers. In one of the best scenes of the movie, the Funk Brothers recall how they came up with “Heard it Through the Grapevine” at a table with Joan Osborne–it is spine-tingling. The movie was beautifully shot and recorded, featuring breathtaking live performances by the surviving Funk Brothers. Sadly, Johnny Griffith passed away on November 10th, before the film was released. Check it out–it’s excellent.

I went on a 35-mile bike ride today around the city of San Francisco. It was a counter-clockwise loop starting at the Ferry Plaza around the edge of the city. The route that we took is outlined on this map. Actually it wasn’t that bad, it only took three and a half hours of riding time. We stopped to eat at Westlake so the total time was four hours and twenty minutes. That’s a long time to be sitting on the saddle.

I was raised as a typical 80s latch key kid in Southern California. Needless to say, I watched a lot of television as advertisers were discovering television as a medium to promote commercialism during an era of rampant inflation and Reaganomics.

As I watched Voltron and Scooby Doo, the most memorable commercial jingle of the time was “Pete Ellis Dodge, Long Beach Freeway, Firestone Exit, Southgate.” It haunts me to this very day, “and that’s the truth.” Pete Ellis did really well from these commercials–he eventually founded Autobytel.com.

Cal Worthington also had great commercials in which he came out with a circus animal and was introduced by the announcer as “Cal Worthington and his dog, spot. If you need a car or truck go see Cal.” The commercials also would say “pussy cow” instead of “go see Cal” sometimes to make the commercials more memmorable–it worked. I would hear the jingle and laugh like Beavis and Butthead uncontrollably, “Huh, huh, huh, he said pussy.” Those were the days.

Does anyone else remember these commercials at random as they go about their their daily lives–or is it just me?

A scientist burnt his penis with a hot laptop. He remembered feeling a burning sensation after he had been writing a report at home for about an hour with the computer on his lap. Apparently, the smoke from between his legs wasn’t enough of a clue.

A businessman mistakenly displayed a picture of a nude boy in front of co-workers while attempting to open another document during a PowerPoint presentation. A full investigation by the authorities later found child pornography all over the guy’s computer and desk. Adding insult to injury, this guy was an ex-pastor at a church. I am telling you–you can’t make this stuff up!

The latest survey conducted by the National Geographic Society showed that 11% of Americans between the ages of 18-24 cannot find the United States on a global map! Check out the rest of the statistics below:

87% cannot find Iraq
83% cannot find Afghanistan
76% cannot find Saudi Arabia
70% cannot find New Jersey
49% cannot find New York

What the fuck!? I am so disappointed. What, if anything, are children learning in grammar school and high school? I understand that this country’s culture thrives on isolation and an “ignorance is bliss” mentality but these numbers are just downright shocking. This isn’t ignorance, it’s stupidity. You would think that with the popularity of the Sopranos that more people would be able to find New Jersey. Thinking globally, Americans are idiots–the numbers don’t lie. Something needs to change.

Another interesting fact discovered by the survey is that Swedish people are not only gorgeous, they are bright too. They scored the highest, identifying 13 of 16 countries on the average–apparently there are no “dumb blondes” in Sweden, just here.

I added a Zonkboard message board to the sidebar of The Daily Nugget that will allow users to post general comments about pretty much anything. Or as my friend J-Nort would say, “Shiznit for the peeps to tho up crazy shizzle on da Internizzle.”

This of course is separate from the ability of posting a comment on the actual blog entries. The message board will simply keep the last 25 messages for review and allows users to post some of their own “Internet Graffiti.” Check it out (on the right) and post a comment.

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Michael Jackson has been all over the news lately, culminating with yesterday’s bizarre baby dangling incident. So I have to ask what is MJ’s biggest problem–there’s a myriad of items to choose from.

Michael Jackson was waving his son over the balcony railing of a German hotel yesterday. Witnesses say that MJ appeared to be over-excited and out of control before waving the child over the railing. We know he looks pretty damn strange (see earlier blog) and is a little nuts naming two of his kids Prince Michael and Prince Michael II. Fankly, I am not surprised.

I am so tired of people asking me what the name of my firm is. Most receptionists think I am from a radio station there to interview one of their executives. Others may be a bit more informed, assume that I am part of the consulting firm (now Bearing Point), and ask me how I like the “new name change.” Wrong–turn off your radio! It’s all about the partnership, baby!

An oil tanker carrying 20 million gallons of oil sank off the coast of Spain today. That amount of oil is twice the amount that was carried by the Exxon Valdez. Officials hope that the oil tanks do not rupture as the ship sinks 11,800 feet to the ocean floor.

The U.S. Intelligence has confirmed that the audio tape released by Al Jazeera last week is indeed Osama Bin Laden. The question remains though–why an audio tape? Bin Laden is not camera shy by any stretch of the imagination. Some speculate he’s had plastic surgery (like Michael Jackson, see previous blog) and others think he is too injured to do a camera shoot. Whatever the reason though, this can’t be good for America.

You know, I saw a picture of Michael Jackson a few days ago and was a bit disturbed. MJ has taken the plastic surgery thing a little too far–he doesn’t even have a nose any more. It’s sad. Here’e the history of MJ’s face for reference.

Mickey Mouse was found drawn on a fresco in an Austrian church built in 1300. Is Mickey a medieval symbol for an evil spirit that would someday attempt to take over the world? Nah, that spirit would be Michael Eisner, who between 1996 and 2001 made over $737MM.

I overheard some people on the train this morning talking about the hottest stage show in the city right now, Puppetry of the Penis. What is the world coming to when some goobers can get on a stage, manipulate themselves, and gain an audience? Puppetry!? I remember when they called it masturbation. By the way, when I lived in Los Angeles and Mama lived here in San Francisco, I was one hell of a puppeteer.

A newscaster is so overcome by JLo’s image that he blurts out exactly what comes to mind. Be sure to turn up the sound to hear the newscast in its entirety–classic. Big ups to Santi for sending me this.

Stan Lee sues Marvel for $10MM in order to get a fair share of the “jackpot” being reaped in by the Spiderman film–$400MM domestically, $1B worldwide. Marvel claims that after they still don’t have a profit–that must be Enron accounting they are using. He is also suing for a fair share of The Hulk, Daredevil and X-Men II. Marvel better stop fucking around with Stan–greedy fuckers.

Kenneth Adelman and his wife are putting the California coastline on the Web in digital pictures. The California Coastal Records Project is intended to take a photograph of the California coast every 500 feet for the entire 1,100 miles–from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Los Angeles airport–everything. At the site people can lookup images by coordinates or image captions (i.e. landmarks). The couple are using a Nikon D1X digital camera connected to an Apple PowerBook laptop and the GPS receiver installed in a Robinson R-44 helicopter to record the scene and the exact location of the camera when the photograph was taken. The system takes a picture about every three seconds. Kenneth takes the pictures while his wife flies the helicopter. Check it out, I was able to find Wayfarer’s Chapel and the Queen Mary on the site. Kick ass project.

The deadly tornadoes that struck this weekend from the Great Lakes to the Gulf Coast left 35 people dead. Surprisingly, a lot of the states that were hit are East of the infamous “Tornado Alley”. The people that live in Tornado Alley are resilient, if not stubborn. After each tornado they say, “we will rebuild.” I’d take the insurance money and move the hell away from there. I’ll take a 30-second earthquake over a 15-minute tornado any day.

The guys that started collecting AOL CDs to give back to the company (see previous blog) less than a month ago already have about 80,000 of them. Their hope is that when they reach 1,000,000 CDs they’ll show up at AOL headquarters and dump them sayin’, “You’ve got mail.” Sweet. At this rate these guys will have 1,000,000 CDs in only about seven to nine months.

Meerenai Shim launched her music website recently–check it out. If you need a classical music ensemble for a special event or would like to learn to play the flute give her a call.

4 Stars

The opening scene of the movie opens with a van violently crashing and an organ being delivered at the end of the driveway to Barry Egan’s business, played by Adam Sandler. It was as if Barry had to choose whether to embrace violence or something else. The organ symbolizes not only fullfillment, but a bit of sanity and love. Although Barry doesn’t completely denounce violence, it is clear that he’s trying to find something else–the audience goes along for the ride. Great film. Also you may want to read Larry O’Brien’s review of the film.

5 Stars

All the critics have already told you that Eminem kick ass in this film and I am here to tell you that it’s all true. One of the best scenes in the film is just him sitting in silence in a bus looking at his surroundings. In this scene he communicates self-doubt and insecurity brilliantly. It is an excellent film about a poor kid’s journey of self-realization searching for self-confidence. Even of you don’t like hip-hop you can appreciate the story–great movie.

A storm in the Bay Area is wreaking all kinds of havoc. At school, a huge branch flattened a student’s car breaking the windshield and denting the hell out of the hood. Moral of this story–don’t park under big ass trees when it’s windy.

The Republicans won back control of congress last night. Now, although I am a little excited about the lower taxes that the Republican “party” will bring, here is the hangover we may expect after it’s all over:

1) Foreign Policy Problems – The Republican way of separating America from the world with separatist foreign policy will ensure that the world will hate us. They will promote a war on terror by promoting fear of “the evil doers.” Vague bullshit that will only serve to make people scared and maybe join the NRA. Shitty foreign policy–shitty world perception.

2) More Poor and Homelessness – More homlessness is inevitable as services decrease for the poor in a Republican congress. Have you walked down the street in San Francisco lately? We don’t need the homeless problem to get any worse.

3) Fear and Loathing – Did I mention the fear? As America ostracizes itself from the rest of the world (see #1) fear will pervail domestically. The “From my cold, dead hands!” rhetoric from Charleton Heston and the NRA gang will have the masses shaking in their boots and afraid of each other. We are already promoting fear of the world, I mean, “the evil doers.”

I take comfort in knowing that everything in life, including public perception, is cyclical and things will move from “right” to “center” in time. Also, I live in a liberal city within a largely Democratic state. The bottom line is that if we educate ourselves and keep open minds we shouldn’t have to live in fear of anyone–even Republicans. Because even they will do the best they can while in the driver’s seat.

My friend Larry O’Brien just finished writing a book for Prentice Hall about C#, the programming language that is part of Microsoft’s .NET framework. The book will retail $50, but he’s offering it online for only $5. The only difference is the online book doesn’t have a full index. This is an awesome deal if you are a geek in need.

I was reading my friend Jimmy’s blog when I came across this entry where he refers to search engine queries as “random shizzle on the inter-nizzle” and almost peed my pants. It did inspire me to research the ways that people find my website. Overwhelmingly, people have found my site by searching for “fucked company” because of this page from the iMind Parody site (also on this domain). Other queries include “societal decline” and “frank chu san francisco.” It’s interesting to see how people end up here. Rock on!

Absolutely nothing of interest going on in the world today. Just a lot of preparations for tomorrow’s elections. I am freezing my ass off in Denver. Check out this realtime report from Weather.com:

28F Partly Cloudy, Feels Like 21F
UV Index: 0 Minimal
Dew Point: 23F
Humidity: 76%
Visibility: Unlimited miles
Pressure: 29.87 inches and rising
Wind: From the Southwest at 7 mph

As reported at Buckley Arpt., CO Last Updated Monday, November 4, 2002, at 10:56 PM Mountain Standard Time.

Amazingly, nearly 200 cars crashed in fog on the Long Beach Freeway near Los Angeles. Mama and I were in the thickest fog we’ve ever seen between Long Beach and Wilmington on New Year’s Eve 1990–we had to drive 5MPH on Pacific Coast Hwy. to get home–crazy.

5 Stars

Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine is a thought-provoking documentary that explores the root causes for the violence of the Columbine shootings. In doing so, it masterfully implicates our society, the media, the NRA, and Charleton Heston himself. But even if Charleton Heston is a racist and the NRA sometimes acts like the Klan in sheep’s clothing, ultimately it is the fears that are perpetuated by the media that may be responsible for the violence. Check out the website–the worldwide firearm homicide statistics shocked the hell out of me. Watch this movie and make your own decisions–you won’t be dissappointed.

Friday Five from Smattering.org.

1. Were you raised in a particular religious faith?
I was raised Roman Catholic.

2. Do you still practice that faith? Why or why not?
No, I am not a practicing Catholic. I don’t believe in any organized religion–they all essentially strive for “goodness.” I want my “goodness” without the guilt, restrictions, and threats of eternal damnation. Besides, the evangelistic mantras pit the religions against each other. More people have been killed in the name of God than for any other reason–the Crusades were a bad idea. Karl Marx said, “religion is the opiate of the masses” and I tend to agree. However, I have actually gotten into Buddhism recently because it’s an introspective philosophy more than a religion persay–it implies a certain personal pragmatism. But, who knows? Maybe South Park is right; the correct answer for “salvation” is the Mormons.

3. What do you think happens after death?
The people you leave behind throw a big party with your money.

4. What is your favorite religious ritual (participating in or just observing)?
Picking up a Grande Latte at Starbucks in the morning.

5. Do you believe people are basically good?
I do believe that everyone has the capacity to be good, but all the mofos I’ve come across in my lifetime were not all good. If you try and live a life that you can be proud of then you will be rewarded someway somehow. I am a firm believer in karmic retribution.