Mama, her sister Miki, and I are heading to Chicago to visit Mama’s aunt and uncle. I will not be updating The Daily Nugget until Tuesday. In my absence, check out what my friends believe is the funniest blog entry to date. Have a safe and relaxing Labor Day weekend!

In a rivalry reminiscent of the hip hop East Coast vs. West Coast bloodbath which left Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls in caskets, San Francisco and New York, the two U.S. finalists for the 2012 Olympic Bid, are going at it. This battle has nothing to do with who has the best stadiums, public transportation, or traffic control–it’s all about ego.

I personally wouldn’t mind if the Olympics came to San Francisco, or should I say the Bay Area, since some of the events would be held as far as Napa, Monterey, and Sacramento. I lived in Los Angeles during the 1984 Olympics and remember seeing an Evander Hollyfield Olympic bout, it was awesome. Watching an Olympic event live is something everyone should do at least once in their lifetime.

It seems that 70,000 people declared Jedi Knight as their religion in the latest census in an attempt to make it a recognized religion in Australia. However, the Australian government got a little pissed.

Damn, it’s hard to believe that 20 people have died from West Nile infected mosquitoes. The Centers for Disease Control say that the virus will reach the West Coast. There goes the camping trip!

Here’s a great story on how the media blows any computer threat out of proportion. Remember the Y2K hysteria?

I got the opportunity to take publicity photos for Meerenai Shim, a local Bay Area musician. I selected some pictures from the shoot and added them to the photography section of the site–check them out.

4 Stars

Mama and I finally saw the new Austin Power movie, Goldmember. This movie was jam-packed with jokes and gags, much like the first movie in the trilogy. The most surprising part of the film was the performance of BeyoncĂ© Knowles as Austin’s sidekick–she rocked. As cool as the movie was, you can’t help but think that there can’t be any more life in the Austin Powers movies. By the end of the film Austin’s shtick gets a little old.

Things got a little out of control at a protest in Portland, OR earlier today. A group protesting against a war with Iraq near a hotel where President Bush was speaking got all peppered up by the cops.

Michael Jackson just announced that he has a third child, although it is unclear exactly where the child came from (mothership, alien egg nest, etc). What is even scarier is that he introduced the baby to Siegfried and Roy in Vegas in person. Perhaps they are aliens too!?

(Spoofing For Pirates sounds like a band name.)
The recording industry apparently has hired a company to create fake music files that have a snippet of the song or just static. This new practice, known as spoofing, is being done to frustrate music pirates into stopping their illicit song-swapping practices. This won’t work. If you are patient enough to download a song you like instead of paying for it, you are probably patient enough to download it two, three, or as many times as needed until you have it in your collection.

File swapping is getting out of control and the DOJ warns that they will start prosecuting peer-to-peer pirates. All you die hard Kazaa users out there, watch out. Funny, I remember that this is the same thing that the DOJ touted when CD-ROM burners were released six years ago. Unless you are making a profit (i.e. charging for copies) it is unlikely you will go down. I foresee that they will make examples of the largest offenders first, i.e. people with lots of source files on fast connections. Good luck.

After just too many parking tickets like this one, Mama and I have decided to sell her car. So, we have decided to buy a scooter to get us around town. We are currently deciding between purchasing the Aprilia Scarabeo 150 or the Piaggio BV200. We’ll keep you posted on the progress.

A recent study has found that drinking makes others around you sexier. They didn’t study the views of the “sexy” sober people around you while you’re drunk.

I was a little bored today so I played some games at this really cool flash game site. Check it out when you have the time.

I’ve been doing genealogy research to trace my family roots. I haven’t gotten very far yet (1870), but I did find an early coat of arms. This may not have belonged to my direct ancestor, but it’s a start.

The 25th anniversary of Elvis’s death has Elvii, or Elvises, everywhere. Tired of this Elvis crap–who cares. Not only is he dead, all he did was make a career of stealing from black artists like Little Richard.

With all this fuss about American Idol I have to ask, which has been the best reality show of all time. If you vote “other”, please enter your favorite show in the comments section below (voting closed).

No, we’re not moving. My ex-coworker is selling these items.

Intel is trying to sue an ex-employee for electronic trespassing because he sent electronic mail to workers criticizing the company. This is total bullshit. It isn’t illegal to send 10,000 pieces of good ol’ fashioned snail mail to anyone–this should be no different. This is shaping up to be the biggest free speech battle in Internet history. What do you think? Enter your comments.

With all of the crazy things going on in the world right now, what are you worried about the most (voting closed)?.

As if worrying about mosquitos now isn’t bad enough, we may have to start worrying about flesh-burning aliens. At this rate I don’t know if I’ll ever sleep outside again.

Published photos from Friday’s happy hour with Meerenai on the site.

Well, as if worrying about suicide bombers and hijacked planes weren’t bad enough, we now have to worry about mosquito bites. On the upside though, Off! insect repellent is flying off the shelves, stimulating our poor economy.

Barry Bonds finally hit his 600th home run last night at Pacific Bell Park. But, unfortunately, Mama and I were not there to see it. Congratulations to Barry on this amazing feat. Big ups.

3 Stars

No, this isn’t porn–it’s the new Vin Diesel vehicle called xXx. In it, Diesel plays an extreme athlete and criminal turned spy, ala La Femme Nikita. Some of its action sequences are pretty breathtaking, while others are downright hard-to-believe (i.e. a lot of bullshit moments). It’s one of those films where the stunts are so over the top that you giggle a little at their lack of realism.

The bottom line, if you like good raw action sequences and are not looking for Shakespearian soliloquies this film should fill your needs. This film was not as good as last summer’s Fast and the Furious, in which Diesel also starred. If you like street racing culture you should go out and rent The Fast and the Furious–not a bad film.

Ever wonder what your co-workers call you behind your back.

Napster went down in a highly publicized court room battle that included major artists, including Metallica, speaking out against the service. Well, the RIAA eventually won the court room battle and Napster, as we knew it, was gone. However, Metallica became the subject of ridicule for their part in the saga as portrayed in this classic cartoon.

By the way, if you want to get free music and have the drive space, use Kazaa Lite–it’s Kazaa without the Spyware. Get it soon because Kazaa has been going postal and trying to stop Kazaa Lite since April.

North Carolina airport screeners were a little too eager in doing their job according to this CNN report. I was flying out of Denver International and had a screener squeeze my butt–I guess it’s because if I were a terrorist I would put a weapon between my butt cheeks–horny bastards! Big ups to Masher for sending me the story.

Mama and I were at Pacific Bell Park to see Barry Bonds hit his
599th career home run. It was an amazing scene. Play was stopped for a full five minutes to give the fans a chance to calm down after it was all over. I was so overwhelmed that I took a picture of the field after the home run with the scoreboard still displaying the number. It’s a shame that he didn’t hit his 600th while we were there to see it.

I finally published the pictures from the firm staff lunch taken on August 1st.

Chick Hearn passed away at 6:30PM at Northridge Hospital. It is a sad day for the Lakers, the league, and the entire world of basketball. Chick painted the images of Lakers games with his colorful words and descriptions for over four decades. His streak of over 3,300 consecutive games will never be beat. The Lakers were a labor of love for Chick and for years Lakers fans loved him back. He will be missed by basketball and sports fans everywhere. Good bye, Chick, and thanks for the memories.

Odd Todd just released another episode titled, Laid Off: Annual Report. This guy has been laid off for a year and hasn’t found a new job, so now he makes cartoons and stuff. Check it out–comic genius.

4 Stars

This show is like a train wreck–it’s scary and ugly but you just can’t look away. Funny, at the beginning of the show I thought she was drunk, but then I realized she is like that all the time. In this opening episode, she gets into sexually suggestive poses and shows a lot, and I mean a lot, of clevage while house shopping. She’s not at her Guess prime, but it’s like looking at an older, plumper, mentally retarded Marilyn Monroe go about her day–it’s a winner.

3 Stars

Mama and I just saw Margaret Cho’s sophomore movie, The Notorious C.H.O. Her standup routine was not as funny as her first movie, I’m the One That I Want, mostly because she did not do as many impressions of her mother. Instead, this movie delved more deeply into her world of fag hagging with drag queens and obscenely graphic sexual escapades. As funny as these themes are, nothing compares to the impressions of her mom–those are classic.

Chick Hearn, the Lakers’ announcer, is in the hospital in critical condition after having a pretty bad fall. As die hard Lakers fans, our best wishes go out to him and his family. Get well soon, Chick.

5 Stars

I am currently watching Robin Williams: Live on Broadway on HBO. It’s genius. He does jokes on Shakespeare, President Bush, America’s War on Terrorism, Joseph and Mary, Golf, Mike Tyson, among other things. He shifts from one topic to the next like a reverend on crack cocaine suffering from ADD , and does it all while poking fun at America’s commercialism throughout the entire show. His ideas come at you so fast that you have to see it twice to hear jokes you may have missed the first time. Check it out.

‘Every friday, the friday five website asks bloggers to answer five questions in their blogs–here it goes.

1. What is your lineage? Where are your ancestors from?
I am 100% Puerto Rican. My mom is a Puerto Rican mestizo and is mostly of Spanish (Spain) and Taino (Natives of Puerto Rico) descent. My father is a Puerto Rican mulatto of African descent and could possibly trace his roots back to the Mandingo tribes that came from what is modern day Liberia.

2. Of those countries, which would you most like to visit?
Since I’ve already been to Puerto Rico (I was born there), I would have to say Spain.

3. Which would you least like to visit? Why?
Liberia. Like nearby Sierra Leone, Liberia is filled with civil unrest that would make a visit a bit dangerous.

4. Do you do anything during the year to celebrate or recognize your heritage?
Not really.

5. Who were the first ancestors to move to your present country (parents, grandparents, etc)?
My mother.

I went and took the Geek and Internet Addict tests at It turns out that I am 50% Geek and 49% Internet Addict. I guess that makes me 1% comic genius, or is it insane, I always get that mixed up.

Worldcom execs were arrested today and charged with criminal fraud for falsely booking $3.8 billion in expenses while at Worldcom. Looks like these guys need to choose their prison bitch names soon. Oh, and in case you haven’t seen this already, check out the MCI Pie song.