“But, I have the Internet for daily news. I don’t need a TV.”

Maybe if you keep saying it over and over again you’ll believe it yourself. The truth is the Internet will not replace the TV anytime soon. After 9/11 for example, people flocked to TV to get the information about the event in graphic and shocking detail. It’s funny how the people that don’t have TV’s think that they don’t need it. But the truth is that deep down inside, when they are alone, and there is no one else around–they yearn for TV. This becomes painfully obvious when they visit their friends’ homes and feel the warmth of the remote on their frail and longing hands. They are so thrilled with the channels, the images, the sound that they sometimes drool and, inevitably, drop the remote.

Our society uses images and sound to communicate, and until there is another alternative, the TV is where it’s at.

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