After ironing out some technical difficulties, this is my first OFFICIAL entry to my weblog. I’ve been basically yawning through the NBA Finals series as the Lakers have punished the Nets consistently. The Lakers look like a bunch of high-schoolers that have gone down to the elementary shool playground for laughs. Lakers in four. I bet Shaq and Kobe already picked out the ring design–bling, bling!

My friend Santiago is back from Europe after having hit London, Amsterdam, Paris, Nice, Florence, and Rome. We watched Mike Tyson get rocked by Lennox Lewis on Saturday night. Mike was totally gracious in defeat–was he on Zoloft during the fight? There was no outbursts, no cursing, no biting–nothing. He got his ass kicked and he knew it. If he’s dumb enough to blow $500 million–he deserves the discomfort.

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