Xbox modification chips are available for the Xbox–this will let you play “backups” of Xbox games. A friend of mine just installed one he got from Chipzone and says it’s pretty awesome, he’s already played a couple of backups without any problems. The installation is not trivial though, so only experts should apply.

My team came in dead last in our tournament with a score of +10 in a four-man best-ball scramble. The good news is that there was a pretty cool prize for last place–a Tiger Woods bobble-head and my very own USGA Rules of Golf book, funny. I guess I could get better at golf, but I’d rather my wife not be a golf widow.

Mama and I attended a last farewell get together for Jessica and Chuck Beringer on Thursday night. We were sad to see them leave to return to Virginia but we may take them up on the invitation to visit them soon. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to save the pictures from the camera, but once I do, I’ll post them both in the blog and on the front page.

Wow, it was a really busy week at work–this explains the lack of posts in the latter half of the week (see earlier “Busier Than…” post).

I was informed today that Specialized is out of stock on the Stumpjumper M4 Comp so I will be getting a Stumpjumper M4 Pro as a replacement for my stolen bike instead. Kick Ass!

a one-legged man in an ass-kicking contest.
a cat trying to bury a turd on a frozen pond.
a handicapped space at the Special Olympics.
a one-eyed man in a topless bar.

I’ve been extremely busy at work, but I found time to sign up to Magic: The Gathering Online tonight–the game officially launched today. If you are (or were) a fan of the fantasy card game you definitely have to check it out.

Mama and I went to Larry’s party yesterday and it was really cool. The most impressive part of the day was the temperature difference between San Francisco and Fairfax. It was about 48F and foggy when we left San Francisco for Fairfax and was 72F when we got there–only 22 miles away. In fact, there was Sun in Sausalito, go figure. Anyway, there are pictures from the BBQ here.

Mama and I went to see Minority Report today and were pretty impressed at the dark imagery conveyed by Steven Spielberg. The movie was heavy and dark. The lead character even resorting to drugs to get over the death of his son and would run into the “sprawl”; a futuristic hood to buy his drugs. It’s a dark world that immediately will bring comparisons to that other Philip K. Dick film noir classic, Blade Runner. It’s a must see even if you are not a die hard Sci-Fi fan.

I just saw this film called E-Dreams. I didn’t realize that the movie was about when I started watching it and was a bit surprised. Surprised at the amount of funding that Park raised and how quickly it grew. Momentum. They had it. Had the market not gone down they would have completed their IPO and made a lot of mofos wealthy. If they couldn’t pull it off, then iMind had no chance. It’s a great movie that brought back some of that good ol’ dot-com nostalgia.

I decided to throw an Xbox Party at home on June 30th. I went to a geek fest like this one a few weeks back and it was pretty awsome. It’s basically a bunch of guys munching on chips and soda blowing each other up playing Team Slayer on Halo. If you don’t understand that last sentence you probably don’t want to be there.

Our insurance company is going to replace our stolen bikes (which were five-years-old with brand new bikes). I will be getting a Specialized Stumpjumper M4 Comp and Mama will be getting a Specialized Rockhopper A1FS. I am sure the bastards that took our bikes are in the hospital by now (see earlier “Barstorming…” post). The moral of this story is if you don’t already have renter’s insurance–get some.

I received a call from a headhunter today and it may very well be a sign that the economy is starting to pick up again. All the staffing firms in the area fell by the wayside when the Nasdaq tanked and the Silicon Valley firms started closing. Bottom line is that even if the economy isn’t getting better my ego is definitely getting bigger. I have no plans of leaving my current job, but sometimes it’s good to feel wanted.

“You have offended my family and you have offended the Shaolin Temple.”

The above is Bruce Lee’s final line in Enter the Dragon. I just watched it again and am amazed at the production value and great camera angles displayed in the 1973 film. It is a classic that continues to set the benchmark for martial arts action movies. The sound, the fighting coreography (Bruce Lee is fluid), the sets, the cinematography are all top notch. It’s a must see for any seventies film fan. If you haven’t seen it in a while it’s worth checking out again.

I just published the photos from Miki’s graduation on the website as well as a Puerto Rico photo series.

We got home late on Sunday night only to find out that our garage (which according to Mark Asher looks like a barn) had been broken into. Our mountain bikes were stolen, but apparently everything else was left behind–including our beloved snowboards. Little do the criminals know that our bikes were cursed using an ancient Voodoo ritual–anyone else riding them is doomed to fly over the handlebars and faceplant into sharp rocks and cactus plants. Really.

Happy riding mofos, and good luck, you’re gonna need it!

Well, for the sake of time we developed the graduation pictures at Target. Although the prints were very good the Kodak Picture CD that they made for me was a coaster (at least I will use it as a drink coaster upon returning home). The picture quality on the CD was substandard with pictures looking stretched and colors washed. I will not be posting pictures of the graduation until we get back home and I can scan the prints using my scanner. Kodak should fine Target for passing the crap they gave me as a Picture CD–unacceptable. If you want something done right you have to do it yourself–there is no short cut to a high quality scan.

Let me just say for the record that moving sucks. It seems easy enough–pick up items, place items in box, seal box, put sealed box in truck, repeat.

Note: You don’t want to load up large hernia-inducing boxes. Big boxes=bad back pain.

Truth be told, people don’t like to pack everything they own into boxes and inevitably are not good at the whole packing thing. You know what I am talking about. You may actually feign packing for weeks (you even tell your buddies that’ll help you move that you are packed as you stare at your only packed box in the middle of the living room) only to pack in a feverish frenzy the night before the big event. You know who you are.

In any case, we helped Miki (Mama’s sister) move into her apartment near UCLA less than a year ago. During this short time her stuff multiplied spontaneously–much like Tribbles. She looked like she was in a world of hurt when we got there, as she was unpacked (not a big surprise–see above). After a quick trip to pick up some boxes and tape we were ready to attack the apartment. [Insert Pain Here] And after a short six and a half hours we were done.

Note: The move happened on Thursday, I just didn’t get a chance to make the post until early Friday morning.

Miki graduated from UCLA today in a big, and I mean big, ceremony. The highlight of the day was taking pictures in the UCLA campus quad in front of Royce Hall and Powell Library. I took most of these pictures with the film camera since it allowed me to use a 19mm-35mm wide angle lens. I’ll post these pictures here as soon as I get them developed and scanned.

“Congratulations, Miki, we are very proud of you.”

Damn, I forgot how long it took to get to Long Beach by car. Anyway, we got to the LBC just in time to see the Lakers sweep the Nets tonight. Go Lakers–the Triple Crown of basketball.

Mama and I are getting ready to take off for Los Angeles this evening to go to her sister’s graduation from UCLA.

I am completely addicted to the beta version of Magic:The Gathering Online. I basically played all last night into the morning hours. If you are (or were) a fan of the fantasy card game you definitely have to check it out. In order to get a CD of the game pick up the latest issue of Computer Gaming World at your local newstand (the one with Rainbow Six on the cover).

After ironing out some technical difficulties, this is my first OFFICIAL entry to my weblog. I’ve been basically yawning through the NBA Finals series as the Lakers have punished the Nets consistently. The Lakers look like a bunch of high-schoolers that have gone down to the elementary shool playground for laughs. Lakers in four. I bet Shaq and Kobe already picked out the ring design–bling, bling!

My friend Santiago is back from Europe after having hit London, Amsterdam, Paris, Nice, Florence, and Rome. We watched Mike Tyson get rocked by Lennox Lewis on Saturday night. Mike was totally gracious in defeat–was he on Zoloft during the fight? There was no outbursts, no cursing, no biting–nothing. He got his ass kicked and he knew it. If he’s dumb enough to blow $500 million–he deserves the discomfort.